Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming. At CFG Wealth Management, our goal is to help you streamline and simplify the process, and to provide the tools and information you need to get on track. Whether it’s evaluating a regular savings plan, analyzing current investments that are earmarked for retirement, or projecting how much income you may be able to generate throughout retirement, advisors at CFG Wealth Management have years of experience in these areas and the tools to put that experience to work for you.

Retirement Planning Review

One important retirement planning service that CFG Wealth Management offers on a complimentary basis is the Retirement Planning Review. This comprehensive 30-page report evaluates your projected personal retirement savings, other sources of income such as Social Security and pensions and other investments, and provides a detailed outlook on how you may fulfill your retirement objectives and satisfy your income needs in retirement. Each report is created by hand and is personalized for every individual’s personal situation. In addition, the Retirement Planning Review contains valuable insight into many of the important aspects of planning for retirement, which can be used as a resource during the process.

To get started on your complimentary Retirement Planning Review, please visit our Forms Page, choose the form for your company from list, complete it and hit the submit button. If the company you work for is not listed, please use the Other form. Once submitted, the form will be emailed to us and one of our representatives will contact you.

401(k) Allocation Analysis

Another complimentary service we offer is the 401(k) Allocation Analysis. With this service, we evaluate the current investment mix and contribution direction in your company savings plan and provide recommendations based on our evaluation of many factors such as your age, time to retirement and tolerance for investment risk.

If you’re interested in having us review your 401(k) allocation, please complete our Online Inquiry Form, enter your contact information and a brief description of what you’re looking for in the comments field.

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