Estate Planning

Proper estate planning allows you to plan for yourself and your loved ones without giving up control of your affairs. Your estate plan should allow you to plan for the possibility of your own disability. It should give what you own to whom you want to receive it, the way you want them to receive it, and when you want them to receive it. Your estate plan should save every tax dollar, professional fee, and court cost that is legally possible to save. In an effort to provide resources to help meet our clients’ needs and financial goals, CFG Wealth Management | has partnered with a local attorney team to provide comprehensive estate plans at a discounted rate (to our clients)?

Our Estate Plans include a Living Trust, Pour-over Will, and Health Care Directive, providing you and your loved ones with a thorough outline of some of life’s most important decisions. If you are seeking Estate and Trust planning services, or would like to speak with one of our associates for more information, please give us a call.


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