CWA Members

As members of the Communications Workers of America union, advisors at CFG Wealth Management are in a unique position that has allowed us to establish relationships with many CWA Locals throughout California.

The CFG Wealth Management Network

In order to address the planning and investment needs of CWA union members, we have established the CFG Wealth Management Network, which includes advisors in regional offices throughout California. Advisors affiliated with the CFG Wealth Management Network specialize in financial planning, risk management, retirement and estate planning, portfolio design, asset management services and financial integration. In working with CWA Locals and members, we have a number of services available at our many locations. One such service is our Retirement Planning Review, which is a complimentary report open to all CWA members. This service includes a thirty page comprehensive analysis that helps you determine whether or not you can properly meet your income needs at retirement. Another unique service is our complimentary 401(k) Allocation Analysis, which is a detailed appraisal of your current 401(k) plan allocation and suggests where adjustments should be made if needed. This service includes current 401(k) options as well as any accounts outside of the company plan, such as retail or IRA accounts that may need to be analyzed.

Please refer to the listing below to find your specific Local and for information on the office and advisor that covers your area. To view contact information, please click on the advisor’s name to be taken to their profile page. If your Local is not listed, please contact us at (800) 884-5121 or contact us for additional information.

Local Area Advisor
9509 / 9003 San Diego / Burbank J. Graydon Coghlan
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