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Top CEOs: San Diego County

Coghlan Financial Group, Inc., a financial services organization located in San Diego and San Ramon, has always been one step above the rest. Since March 2002, the companys focus has been to develop investment strategies for individuals preparing for retirement.

J. Graydon Coghlan, a San Diego native, is the type of individual to blaze his own path. An entrepreneur from an early age, he saw himself at the forefront of financial planning. Graydons plan was twofold: become known as the retire-ment specialist to employees at local large companies and develop a referral base from word-of-mouth business.

After years of developing their exper-tise at Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch, Graydon, along with Josh Willard, founded Coghlan Financial Group, Inc.. The teams vision was to build a premier financial services organization and to provide indi-viduals with a unique financial approach to retirement planning.

Joshs sincere interest in helping clients achieve their goals is an attribute not easily found in financial professionals. Josh handles all investment-related transactions and client service activities, and as a team he and Graydon have discovered the key to properly planning an individuals financial future: patience.

“Retirement planning is not something that can be rushed.”

Retirement planning is not something that can be rushed, Graydon states. We ensure each individuals retirement objectives are met and that they are comfortable after separating from the working world.

We want each person to feel like they are meeting with a friend, not only afinancial advisor, Josh adds.

staffs commitment to help you reward yourself for your hard work during your employed years. Thanks to their vision, many have seen their financial dreams come true.

Coghlan Financial Group, Inc., is located at 4370 La Jolla Village Drive, Suite 630. The firm offers a wide range of investment-related products and services through its broker/dealer, Securities America Inc. The firm also has access to an array of mortgage and estate planning professionals. More information can be found at www.coghlanfinancial.com or by calling 800-­884-5121.

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